III European Liberal Arts and Core Texts Education Conference



III European Liberal Arts and Core Texts Education Conference


Plenary speakers

Rosalía Baena (University of Navarra).
Associate Professor of English Literature, Dean of the School of Humanities, Member of the Committee for the Core Curriculum.

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Karen E. Bohlin (Montrose LifeCompass Institute and Boston University).

Director of the Montrose LifeCompass Institute and Director Emerita and Senior Scholar at  Boston University’s Center for Character and Social Responsibility (CCSR).  Co-director of the project  Kern Family Foundation Partners in Character and Educational Leadership.

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Karen E. Bohlin

Edward Brooks (University of Oxford)

Executive Director of the Oxford Character Project and also head of the Global Leadership Initiative

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Edward Brooks

David Carr (University of Edinburgh).
David Carr is Emeritus Professor at the University of Edinburgh.

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John F. Crosby (Franciscan University of Steubenville).
Professor of Philosophy, Director of the MA Philosophy Program.

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Alkeline van Lenning (Tilburg University).
Full Professor of Interdisciplinary Education, Tilburg School of Humanities and Digital Sciences. Dean University College Tilburg.

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Concepción Naval (University of Navarra),
Professor of Educational Theory, Dean of the School of Education and Psycology. Project Director “Researching and promoting character education in Latin American secondary schools". 

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Nancy Snow (University of Oklahoma).
Professor of Philosophy. Director of the Institute for the Study of the Human Flourishing. 

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ICC_ACTC_ Programme

"Caring for souls: Can core texts educate character?"

17-19 october 2019

University of Navarra. Pamplona, Spain
Aula Magna Central Building
  Thursday, 17 October
11.00 Registration (Central Building)
12.15 Oficial Welcome and Conference Opening

Maria Iraburu, Vicepresident, Universidad de Navarra
Joshua Parens, Interim President, ACTC
Kathleen Burk, Executive Director, ACTC
Rosario Athié, President Circulo Newman
José M. Torralba, Director Core Curriculum Institute

12.30 Opening Lecture
“Newman’s Vision of the Intellectual Virtues”
John F. Crosby (Franciscan University of Steubenville)
13.45 Lunch
15.30 Panel Sections
17.00 Break
17.15 Plenary Lecture

"Virtue, Vice, and Saintliness in The Brothers Karamazov"
Nancy Snow (University of Oklahoma)

18.30 End
  Friday, 18 October 
9.00 Plenary Lecture

“Reading for Pleasure: from Narrative Competence to Character Education"
Rosalía Baena (University of Navarra)

10.15 Coffee Break
10.30 Panel Sections
12.00 Break
12.15 Panel Sections
13.45 Lunch
15.30 Plenary Lecture
"The World’s Desperate Need for Small Heroes"
Alkeline van Lenning (Tilburg University)
16.45 End
19.00 Guided Visit to the University Museum (optional)
20.00 Gala Dinner (Museum Restaurant) (optional)
  Saturday 19 October
9.00 Plenary Lecture

“From Characterization to Parable and Allegory: Varieties of Moral Imagination in Fictional Literature”
David Carr (University of Edinburgh)

10.15 Coffee Break
10.30 Panel Sections
12.00 Break
12.15 Plenary Round Table:
“Character Projects: Learning from Practice and Research”

Concepción Naval (University of Navarra)
Edward Brooks (University of Oxford)
Karen E. Bohlin (Montrose LifeCompass Institute and Boston University)
Nancy Snow (University of Oklahoma)

13.45 Lunch



Edificio Central, segunda planta
Campus Universitario s/n

31080 Pamplona, España