Hate speech at the crossroads of aggression, anxiety, and resonance

Hate speech at the crossroads of aggression, anxiety, and resonance


International Symposium on '‘Hate speech at the crossroads of aggression, anxiety, and resonance: from linguistics to politics and beyond’wil take place from June 6-7th 2023 in Pamplona, Spain. We are honored to have Prof.Dr. Catarina Kinnvall as the keynote speaker at the Symposium.

The Symposium is organized by the Public Discourse Research Group at the Instituto Cultura y Sociedad (ICS), Universidad de Navarra, Spain. To facilitate the participation of researchers from different countries, the symposium will be in the form of a hybrid event, which will enable the researchers who are not able to travel for different reasons to present their work online, in addition to the in-person panels.  

It aims to to create an interdisciplinary venue for discussion to explore more closely the relations between aggressively exclusionary discourses with a special focus on hate speech and perceptions of insecurity accompanied by feelings of anxiety and alienation. For details, please see the call.

Those interested in participating should send a 300-word abstract to by 30 April 2023. The conference will be held in English and attendance is free. Certificates of attendance and participation will be provided.


→ Prof. Dr. Catarina Kinnvall, Department of Political Science, Lund University

→Prof. Dr. Fabienne Baider, School of Humanities, University of Cyprus, Cyprus

→ Prof. Dr. Victoria Guillén Nieto, Department of English Philology, University of Alicante, Spain

→ Prof. Dr. Umut Korkut, Department of Economics and Law, Glasgow Caledonian University, United Kingdom



→ Melike Akkaraca Kose (ICS, University of Navarra, Spain)

→ Fabienne Baider (University of Cyprus)

→ Ruth Breeze (ICS, University of Navarra, Spain)

→ Andrea Cocchini (Faculty of Law, University of Navarra, Spain)

→ Alberto De Lucas Vicente (UNIR, Universidad Internacional de La Rioja)

→ Elenora Esposito (ICS, University of Navarra, Spain & EIGE, European Institute for Gender Equality, Lithuania)

→ Dámaso Izquierdo-Alegría (ICS, University of Navarra, Spain)

→ Catarina Kinnvall (Lund University, Sweden)

→ Umut Korkut (Glasgow Caledonian University, United Kingdom)

→Yonca Özer (Marmara University, Turkey)


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6 de junio de 2023




Edificio Amigos. Aulas M06 y M07.

Ciudad Pamplona
Organiza Instituto Cultura y Sociedad