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Aplicaciones anidadas





Aplicaciones anidadas


¿Cuándo puedo ir de intercambio?

Nuestros alumnos pueden cursar hasta dos intercambios a lo largo de la carrera, en función de la titulación que cursen:

 Primer semestre de 3º y 4º curso

 Primer semestre de 4º y 6º para los Dobles Grados de ADE + Derecho y Economía + Derecho

Requisitos para cursar intercambio

La elección y asignación de intercambio se realiza en función del expediente académico y de la nota de TOEFL iBT.

Cada universidad de intercambio establece sus requisitos mínimos.



Universidades de intercambio

Más de 130 socios en 40 países.

Contamos con una red de universidades socias de prestigio académico (por su posición en los rankings internacionales y las acreditaciones internacionales obtenidas) y diversidad geográfica.




Aplicaciones anidadas

Aplicaciones anidadas


Incoming Students

The School of Economics & Business partners with +130 Universities in 40 countries. Incoming exchange students have access to undergraduate courses offered by the Faculty. This creates a dynamic classroom by connecting full-time students and exchange students. The School of Economics & Business is proud to have a total of 36% international undergraduate students. Make the University of Navarra a part of your university experience! 



More information

  • Language: Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world.

  • Gastronomy: Gastronomic hub and neighbor to the city with the most Michelin stars per square meter (San Sebastián, 45 minutes from Pamplona).

  • Safety: Pamplona has a very low crime rate and is among the safest cities in Spain.

  • Quality of Life: Navarra is among the regions with the best quality of life in the world and the highest GDP per capita.

  • History: Once a fortress city in the heart of the Kingdom of Navarre, Pamplona is marked by its history and customs.

  • ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE: EQUIS Accredited: 1st and only undergraduate business school in Spain.

  • Student-centered Approach: Personal mentor available & limited class sizes.


    • 250 incoming exchange students/ year

    • 250 outgoing students/year

    • 36% Undergraduate international students

  • Campus experience

    • 14 faculties

    • Sports Facilities: Soccer, Tennis, Padel, Basketball, and Volleyball courts

    • Contemporary Art Museum: 1st and only University museum in Spain

    • Volunteering: over 136 volunteer opportunities

    • Student Clubs: Case Competition, Big DATA, Marketing …

    • Beautiful Campus: Green Flag Award - Fourth consecutive year as one of the best European green zones: 113 hectares within 20 minutes walk to the city center.

  • Students must be nominated by their academic coordinator from one of our partner universities.  If your university does not have an exchange agreement with us, please send an email to intrel-eco@unav.es for more information. 

  • After nominations, students will complete an application.

  • Deadlines:

    Fall Semester deadlines (September-December)
    Nomination deadline: 1st April
    Aplication deadline: 1st May

    Spring Semester deadlines (January-June)
    Nomination deadline: 15th September
    Aplication deadline: 15th October


  • Previous coursework: Minimum of two completed semesters at the time of nomination.

  • Language: An official test score must be submitted in the application, or a letter from your University verifying your level. Below are the minimum requirements; however, it is best to have more.

    • For taking business classes in English - B2 level

    • For taking business classes in Spanish - B2 level

  • Academic workload - ECTS

    • 24 ECTS - Total minimum

    • 30 ECTS - Total maximum

    • 18 ECTS - Minimum from the School of Economics & Business

    • 12 ECTS - Max from outside the School of Economics & Business

    • Overlapping schedules are not allowed

  • Fall 2021

    • Welcoming Days: August 25-31

    • Class: September 1st to December 3rd

    • Exams: December 6- 22

  • Spring 2022

    • Welcoming Day: January 10th 

    • Class: January 10th to April 30th

    • Exams: May 3-20

  • Retake exams: Month of June

  • Important considerations:

*Class attendance is mandatory. 

*You must be present during the examination period, no exceptions allowed.  

  • Exchange students have access to most of the undergraduate courses from the degree programs. 

  • You can enroll in business courses taught in English or Spanish. 

  • You have the opportunity to take Spanish language courses.

  • A specific Course Catalog for incoming students is made before the start of the academic year. For reference, please use this past COURSE CATALOG