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The future of human being: neuroscientific and philosophical perspectives

The future of human being: neuroscientific and philosophical perspectives

Seminario del Grupo Ciencia, Razón y Fe.
Saša Horvat. Pamplona, 30 de abril de 2019.


Saša Horvat es profesor de Teología en Rijeka (Croacia), en la Facultad Católica de Teología de la Universidad de Zagreb. Sus intereses se centran principalmente en las áreas de metafísica, filosofía de la ciencia y neuro-filosofía. En la actualidad está iniciando un proyecto internacional titulado “The  subjective dimension of religious experience” y organizando la cuarta edición de un congreso internacional que se celebra en Rijeka y que lleva el título “Rijeka’s scientific bridges”.


In today’s lecture we will talk about the future of human being from the neuroscientific and philosophical perspectives. The motive for the title and content of the lecture relates to the fictional insight of movies and series about the future of mankind. Their scripts provide a self-confident picture of how the future will look like, while the most fundamental mark of almost all of them is our relationship with technology, with neuroscientific motives dominating all dimensions of human life. How and why did we even come to imagine that technology, artificial intelligence and neural activity would offer answers to all human problems, either of subjective or objective nature? The lecture will briefly expose neuroscientific and philosophical ways of understanding what it means to be human and what the essence of technology consists of. The leading question is, how can we change our imagination about the future of mankind that is so deeply rooted in the current pace of technological progress?