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At ISSA School of Applied Management we are working with more than 50 different partners all over the world. We strive to train professionals by giving them the best education, training, enduring inspiration and global perspective. This last point wouldn’t be possible without our current partners worldwide. We are grateful to have a network that shares the same values and creates a firm foundation for the global managers of the future.


ISSA School of Applied Management holds a unique and versatile curriculum with subjects in Business Management, Languages, Communication, Digital Management Tools and Human Sciences. Nationally and Internationally, ISSA is a respected partner and together with our partners we strive to make for our students their university experience incredible. Over the years incoming students visited the University of Navarra and joined ISSA classrooms to learn and improve their business and management skills, which are necessary in the globally changing environment we live in nowadays.

We offer an exchange program for all students who have had subjects related to Business and Management and Languages. 


The university of Navarra, settled in Pamplona, Spain, is surrounded by the beautiful nature and authentic Spanish environment. The university boasts 113ha of green space. This makes the university the largest parkland in the city, with more than 3,800 trees. Because of the great location, it is easy for students to go on trips in Spain and France, since the French border is only 80 kms away. The international character of the University and the many possibilities it entails create a canvas to color in every direction you want.

If your university is interested in starting a partnership with ISSA School of Applied Management, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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