Incoming Students


The University of Navarra welcomes a large number of foreign students each year who come to study here for a semester or a year through an exchange program. Students from a foreign university have the unique opportunity to study at at ISSA University of Navarra in Pamplona (Spain). It is a spectacular city famed for its amazing food culture, breathtaking beauty and energetic lifestyle, the perfect backdrop for University life! If you are an International Student you will be able to study at ISSA as:


If you want to enroll in the Bachelor in Applied Management in ISSA, request admission to the program through the University's website for candidates.

How to apply to the Bachelor in Applied Management

In order to complete a semester at ISSA School of Applied Management, you should have:

  • a good command of Spanish (level B2) and English (level B2);

  • successfully completed at least one academic year (two semester) at a state-recognized university before starting studies at ISSA.

Applications will be assessed based on your academic achievement, language level and other merits. Participants can select specified courses from the first to forth study year (except the second semester of the fourth year) with a value of up to 30 ETCS.

Deadlines for Nomination:

  • 1st semester: 1st April

  • 2nd semester: 15th September

Application deadlines :

  • 1st semester: 1st May

  • 2nd semester: 15th October

* The detailed application procedure can be found in our Information Sheet for Incoming Students.

If your university does not have an agreement with ISSA at the University of Navarra, you can request admission as a free mover. This program permits enrollment for a semester or an academic year and students are held responsible for tuition. Once you have completed your stay you will receive an official certificate authorizing the transfer of credits to your university.

To apply for this program, follow these steps:

1. Contact the International Relations Office at your university to guarantee that those free mover credits will be officially recognized 

2. Contact the International relations office at the ISSA School of Applied Management in the University of Navarra (

3. Send the following documents to the University of Navarra /31009, Pamplona. Spain.

  • Registration form

  • 1 photocopy of passport

  • Official grade report from your university

  • 3 I.D. size photographs

  • Please note the following deadlines:

First semester : April 1st

Second semester: September 15th




Idurre Iturralde

International Relations Coordinator

Edificio Amigos
Campus Universitario

31009 Pamplona, España

(+34) 948 425 600 | Ext. 806682