The Psychology of Phubbing

The Psychology of Phubbing


Seminario enmarcado en el reto Reto ICS 2022-2023 "Jóvenes, relaciones y bienestar psicológico" sobre lo que le ocurre a tu hijo, pareja, familiar, amigo y colega cuando le ignoras y miras tu móvil.

Next time you enter a café (not in Spain), the chance you will see most people engaged with their smartphones, ‘phubbing’, instead of paying attention to each other is very high. The research indicates that phubbing is associated with profound detrimental effects on the well-being of those ignored in favour of the smartphone. In this seminar, I will address the following question: What happens to your [1] child, [2] partner, [3] family member, [4] friend, and [5] colleague when you ignore them in favour of your smartphone? In addition, I will also discuss the root causes of phubbing (the triggers), followed by a broader discussion of other effects of phubbing. I will conclude the talk by looking at the role of social norms in explaining the act of phubbing beyond what triggers the behaviour as I pick the audience’s mind on what will happen to Spanish society if phubbing becomes normalised.

Yeslam Al-Saggaf (investigador visitante en el ICS de la Charles Sturt University, Australia)



3 de noviembre de 2022




Aula ICS

Ciudad Pamplona
Organiza Instituto Cultura y Sociedad


RETO ICS 2022-2023