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Volver Traceability management as a multidisciplinary topic: Trends and gaps in recent scholarly research

WPnull/15 Traceability management as a multidisciplinary topic: Trends and gaps in recent scholarly research
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Traceability can be studied from different viewpoints. In this paper, we analyze it as a management tool whose implementation implies organizational changes for the firm, but via which improved competitiveness may be realized. More specifically, the aim of this paper is to analyze the evolution of traceability management topic over the past twenty years (1994-2014) through a literature review, to identify the related concepts and settings that have been considered, and further, to delineate possible research gaps in the literature. To achieve this objective we created a self-assembled database, which permitted us to carry out a descriptive analysis of papers and to derive relevant conclusions and different implications for the future. We found that the concept of traceability as a tool to improve organizational performance has gained legitimacy and consequently is now widespread. Hence, traceability is treated from different areas of the firm embracing implementation, control, information systems, consumers' opinion or supply chain. Additionally, we believe that traceability research has to progress furthermore so as to dismantle its sturdy focus on the food industry because traceability management can be meaningful for broad sectorial applications. This study contributes to the traceability body of literature as it permits defining the trends about this research field and it represents an orientated guide to enrich traceability studies in topics associated to business organizations.

Classification JEL:M10, M11

Keywords:Traceability management, business administration, production management, supply chain

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