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Programas de corta duración


Programas de corta duración

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The University of Navarra organizes programs which combine Spanish language with different areas of expertise. Our short term programs are structured for students interested in a European study abroad program in our fields of Business and/or Economics, all while improving their Spanish and living a cultural experience. 


  • 3 weeks of Spanish Language courses provided by ILCE (the University's Institute of Spanish Language and Culture).

  • 2 weeks of multidisciplinary seminars focused on doing business in Europe

  • ­360 degree view of how to do business in Europe.

  • ­Jump start Spanish skills. Learning from engaging professors. Enjoying the Spanish culture and learning local traditions.

  • ­Academic credit


  • Winter Program: Spanish Language + Doing Business in Europe

  • ­Summer Program: To be announced

  • ­The University of Navarra has been ranked among the top 50 best universities in the world by The New York Times Global Employability Survey 2014.

  • ­The School of Economics has a rate of over 90% employment within 3 months of graduation

  • ­Diversity in class, with almost 20% international full time students.

  • ­Living a cultural experience in a student-friendly city. #1 in the Top Ten Safest Cities in Spain

  • ­Pamplona is the key site of one of the Spain’s biggest parties, Los Sanfermines, with the infamous Running of the Bulls festival, made famous by Hemmingway

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Summer Program

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Winter Program

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Escucha a los protagonistas

Lisa Zhu,Tongji University, China

Pamplona is a beautiful and peaceful city, very different from Shanghai. I love the life here and I still miss it. –Lisa Zhu,Tongji University, China


 Isobel Kelaher, Queensland University of Technology, AustraliaI thoroughly enjoyed my time in Pamplona. It was a lovely respite from the hustle and bustle that I’m used to in Australia (and the heat), and I was pleasantly surprised at how much such a small city had to offer. It was also a highlight for me to learn so much about the rich Spanish culture, which is so diverse to my own. It was warming to see how passionate people were about their cultures and how much they wanted to share with me! – Isobel Kelaher, Queensland University of Technology, Australia


Chuan Tai Yuan, Tongji University, ChinaThe winter program at the School of Economics gives me a chance to discuss with people who have different values and perspectives, to share different ideas and then it could help us to build a broader horizon. Since the world is becoming more connected, I think a world-wide horizon is important and useful for us. –Chuan Tai Yuan, Tongji University, China

Taylor Guthrie, Queensland University of Technology, AustraliaThere are two key aspects of my experience in Pamplona and attending the Winter Program that I would like to highlight. The first of these is the insightful and genuinely interesting Economics seminars that we had the privilege of attending in our final week. Coming from Australia, I was exposed to a number of topics from a European perspective, by European professors, which was incredibly informative and I suppose eye-opening in many ways.

The second and probably best thing about the program for me, was the opportunity to meet and form relationships with so many people from all over the world. I got to live with, attend classes, go out on the weekends and pretty much anything in between, with local students from Spain, the rest of Europe, Latin America and China. This allowed me to have the most incredible time and as a result I now have friends from all over the globe. This is something I never could have imagined beforehand and without a doubt the most rewarding and enjoyable aspect of the experience.– Taylor Guthrie, Queensland University of Technology, Australia

Lisa Zhu,Tongji University, China

I learned more about European economics and expanded my horizon.The professors are all very nice and knowledgeable. – Lisa Zhu, Tongji University, China



Lisa Zhu,Tongji University, ChinaI really had a great time in Pamplona. The activities the university arranged for us were so good. I still miss the time in Pamplona when I am back to China.  I met so many firends from all over the world here.  And the farewell lunch was so sweet.I was so glad that I had this opportunity to study and spend some time in Pamplona and University of Navarra. This gave me a lot of good memories and growth.– Lisa Zhu, Tongji University, China