Últimas publicaciones

Hernández M.A., Rojo M.A., Campos F.,Gutiérrez-Corchero F., Moreno-Rueda G. 2021 Haemosporidian prevalence in Southern Grey Shrike Lanius meridionalis nestlings in the Iberian Peninsula: lower prevalence than previously reported. Bird Study, en prensa

Gámez A.L., Vicente R., Sánchez-Bragado R., Jauregui I., Morcuende R., Goicoechea N., Aranjuelo I. 2020 Differential Flag Leaf and Ear Photosynthetic Performance Under Elevated (CO2) Conditions During Grain Filling Period in Durum Wheat. Frontiers in Plant Science Vol. 11 art. 587958

Marcer A., Haston E., Groom Q., Ariño A.H., Chapman A.D., Bakken T., Braun P., Dillen M., Ernst M., Escobar A., Fichtmuller D., Livermore L., Nicolson N., Paragamian K., Paul D., Pettersson L.B., Phillips S., Plummer J., Rainer H., Rey I., Robertson T., Ropert D., Santos J., Uribe F., Waller J., Wieczorek J.R.    2020 Quality issues in georeferencing: From physical collections to digital data repositories for ecological research. Diversity and Distributions 00:1-4

Bensch S., Inumaru M., Satu Y., Cruz L.L., Cunningham A.A., Goodman S.J., Levin I.I., Parker P.G., Casanueva P., Hernández M.A., Moreno-Rueda G., Rojo M.A. 2020 Contaminations contaminate common databases. Molecular Ecology Resources, 00: 1-8

Goicoechea, N. Mycorrhizal Fungi as Bioprotectors of Crops Against Verticillium Wilt—A Hypothetical Scenario Under Changing Environmental Conditions. Plants 2020, 9, 1468


Últimas tesis defendidas

Imanol Miqueleiz, 11 de diciembre de 2020
Fish conservation in the 21st century: Lessons learned and perspectives for a sustainable future.

Sandra Pérez Martínez, 4 de noviembre de 2020
"Diversity of mites (Acari) and their interaction network with their host insects (Diptera and coleoptera) in the Mediterranean region of the Community of Navarra: Their role and forensic interest"



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