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WPnull/14 The Neglected Ethical and Spiritual Motivations in the Workplace
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Managing other people's work is filled with challenges, and among them, understanding what motivates people is essential. In order to pursue organizational objectives effectively and to develop skills and virtues that lead to flourishing in the workplace, motivation has to be properly understood and explained. This paper contends that the classical and most popular taxonomies describing employee motives and needs have either neglected or minimized the importance of the ethical and spiritual dimensions of motivation, resulting in a model of a person as self-interested, amoral and non‐spiritual. In this article, the authors attempt to overcome this idea through an integration of the areas of psychology, ethics and theology, offering an expanded taxonomy of motivation, focusing especially on the workplace, which explicitly includes morality and spirituality. This effort is a significant step toward articulating a more complete and accurate description of motivation that brings out the full dimensions of being human, which is conduciveto improved management practices leading to flourishing in the workplace, and fostering ethically healthier organizations.

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