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Volver A framework for Open Innovation practices: Typology and characterisation

WPnull/16 A framework for Open Innovation practices: Typology and characterisation
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The research field of Open Innovation (OI) has grown exponentially since Chesbrough coined the term in 2003. However, after more than a decade of research, several essential areas in the OI literature, such as OI practices, are still fragmented and incomplete, as noted in the reviews of OI literature in recent years. The main objective of this research is to conduct a comprehensive literature review of OI practices, which is necessary to clarify the concept and propose more precise terminology. In this study, we develop a theoretical framework that identifies and defines 19 different OI practices typologies, according to three dimensions: direction of resources flow, innovation process stage, and type of relationship. This paper makes a relevant contribution from two perspectives: academic and managerial. From the academic perspective, our work opens the door to future research directions in the OI field that if based in the proposed theoretical framework, could help strengthen the theoretical foundations of this innovation management paradigm. In terms of the managerial view, this new typology of OI practices could help managers select more appropriate practices according to their needs and resources.

Classification JEL:M1, M10, O3, O32

Keywords:Open innovation, Openness, Practices, Literature review

Number of Pages:50

Creation Date:2016-06-28




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