Nested Applications


The competition lasts 6 days and has three stages, each with its own challenges. The competing teams will be divided into divisions of four.

Nested Applications


Stage 1

The first two days, the teams will face two 3 hour cases. During these 3 hours, they must analyze the case, prepare their proposal and practice their presentation. They will have 15 minutes to present before the judges, followed by a 10 minute Q&A session. Judges will look for logic, creativity and applicability among the proposals.


Stage 2

Teams will have exactly 12 hours to prepare a new case that is particularly complex. This stage begins on Thursday, once the cases have been handed out, and ends with the final presentation, which will last 20 minutes, followed by 15 minutes for the Q&A session. The teams must be capable of coping with pressure and time restraints, as this stage has twice as much importance in determining the finalists.


Final Round

The winners of each division will participate in this round, presenting their 12 hour case for a second time before teams and a public audience.


Previous cases

Our cases have a copyright which must be respected. Therefore, we have published a list of past cases used in our competition, all available for purchase in IESE Publishing (IESEP).

IESE Publishing is a leading distributor of management and business leadership teaching materials in the Spanish-speaking world. Its goal is to contribute to research and education through the distribution of teaching materials developed by professors at IESE and other schools. Our teaching materials facilitate the learning process, the development of skills and the revision of attitudes that take place in IESE's classrooms and in other management schools.