Últimas publicaciones

Ruiz-Ardanaz, I.; Lasheras, E., Durán, A. Mineralogical Characterización of Carreaux de Pavement from Northern Spain (Tiebas, Navarre) Minerals 2021. 11, 153

Puig-Rigall J.; Blanco-Prieto, M.J.; Radulescu, A.; Dreiss, C.A.; González-Gaitano G. Morphology, gelation and cytotoxicity evaluation of D-α-Tocopheryl polyethylene glycol succinate (TPGS) – Tetronic mixed micelles. Journal of Colloid and Interface Science 2021. 582, 353-363.

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Vandera, K.; Picconi, P.; Valero, M.; González-Gaitano, G.; Woods, A.; Zain, N.M.; Bruce, K.; Clifton, L.; Skoda, M.; Rahman, K.; Harvey, R.; Dreiss, C. Antibiotic-in-Cyclodextrin-in-Liposomes: Formulation Development and Interactions with Model Bacterial Membranes. Mol. Pharmaceutics 2020. 7, 7, 2354–2369

Puig-Rigall J.; Serra-Gómez, R.; Guembe-MIchel, N.; Grillo, I. Dreiss, C.A.; González-Gaitano G. Threading Different Rings on X-Shaped Block Copolymers: Hybrid Pseudopolyrotaxanes of Cyclodextrins and Tetronics. Macromolecules, 2020, 53, 8, 3166-3174.

González-Sánchez, J.F.; Taşcı, B.; Fernández, J.M.; Navarro-Blasco, I; Alvarez, J.I. Combination of polymeric superplasticizers, water repellents and pozzolanic agents to improve air lime-based grouts for historic masonry repair. Polymers2020, 12(4), 887.

Speziale A, González-Sánchez JF, Taşcı B, Pastor A, Sánchez L, Fernández-Acevedo C, Oroz-Mateo T, Salazar C, Navarro-Blasco I, Fernández JM, Alvarez JI. Development of Multifunctional Coatings for Protecting Stones and Lime Mortars of the Architectural Heritage. International Journal of Architectural Heritage2020 14(7): 1008-1029  

Puig-Rigall J.; Fernández-Rubio C.; González-Benito J.; Houston JE.;  Radulescu A.; Nguewa P.; González-Gaitano G. Structural characterization by scattering and spectroscopic methods and biological evaluation of polymeric micelles of poloxamines and TPGS as nanocarriers for miltefosine delivery. Int J Pharm. 2020 Jan 25;578:119057. [Epub ahead of print]

Figueroa-Pizano, M. D., Vélaz, I., Martínez-Barbosa, M. E. A Freeze-Thawing Method to Prepare Chitosan-Poly(vinyl alcohol) Hydrogels Without Crosslinking Agents and Diflunisal Release Studies. J. Vis. Exp. (155), e59636, 2020. (pdf)


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