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School of Communication, UNAV

The School of Communication of Universidad de Navarra has been a pioneer in offering Communication and Media Studies at the university level in Spain. Along with its undergraduate and graduate studies, it offers specializations and bilingual studies with exchange programmes with its close to 100 partners spread over the five continents. Today is Top 100 worldwide according to QS by Subject 2019.

The School offers undergraduate studies in Journalism, Marketing and Audiovisual Studies. And master programmes in Political and Corporate Communications, Corporate Reputation, and Media Companies Management.

Since the launching of its Degree in Journalism back in 1958, the mission of the School of Communication has been the pursuit of excellence in teaching and research and a constant commitment to serve people and society as a whole. The School counts on four research departments (Marketing and Media Companies, Public Communication, Journalism Projects, and Audiovisual Communication and Culture), a research journal (Communication & Society) and a Center for Internet Studies and Digital Life (@digitalunav). It is actually launching the first postdoctoral programme in Communication in Spain.

How to get to Pamplona City Centre?

Two companies fly directly to Pamplona: Lufthansa from Frankfurt, and Iberia from Madrid.


Frankfurt-Pamplona-Frankfurt Flights:

Wednesday October 7th: Frankfrut 10:15 - Pamplona 12:25

Sunday October 11th: Pamplona 13:10 - Frankfurt 15:15


Iberia, via


Please book flights early as there will be national holidays running in Spain those days (October 12th). 


From Pamplona Airport:

To get to the Universidad de Navarra from the airport, we kindly suggest you to take a taxi. There are taxies available in front of the airport building. Since Pamplona Airport is fairly small you will easily see the taxis waiting in front of the arrivals gate. The cost of the taxi drive to the University of Navarra should be around 15€.

 If you want a taxi service in Pamplona, we recommend calling the following phone numbers (+34) 948 221 212, (+34) 948 232 300 or (+34) 948 351 400. Taxis rarely stop in the street, it is necessary to go to a taxi stop or request one by phone.

From Pamplona train station:

The train station (Renfe) is 2.5 kilometers from Old Town Pamplona. In the station there are taxi and bus stops (lines 7 and 9). For information on routes, timetables and prices, you must visit the Renfe website:

From the University to the city center:

If you want to get to the city center by public transport, there is a bus stop (line 5) just 3 minutes walking from the Conference venue.

Accomodation. Wikipedia


The accommodation plans are personal. Below, a list of nearby hotel suggestions:

- NH Iruña Park 

  • Price per night: 80-130 euros (double room)

  • Price per night including breakfast: 95-145 euros (double room)

  • Distance from the Conference Venue: 25 minutes walking

- Hotel Blanca de Navarra 

  • Price per night: 85-120 euros (double room)

  • Price per night including breakfast: 100-135 euros (double room)

  • Distance from the Conference Venue: 13 minutes walking

- Hotel Albret 

  • Price per night: 75 – 110 euros (double room)

  • Price per night including breakfast: 90 – 125 euros (double room)

  • Distance from the Conference Venue: 25 minutes walking

- Hostal Acella

  • Price per night: 50-60 euros (double room)

  • Price per night including breakfast: 65-75 euros (double room)

  • Distance from the Conference Venue: 13 minutes walking


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