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Nested Applications

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How media firms and institutions can become more trustworthy

The conference will examine the key question of How media firms and institutions can become more trustworthy. It aims to contribute to the academic conversation about trust and we hope that scholars will examine a range of topics related to media trust including:

Nested Applications


  • Reputation of media companies
  • Trust in executive level leadership 
  • Trust and sustainability of media companies
  • Human Resource Management in media companies
  • Internal communication and trust building: how generate, attract and retain talent 
  • KPIs for measuring and managing trust
  • Trust in native digital media and legacy media brands
  • The role of trust in branding, marketing and co-creation
  • Creativity, innovation and trust


  • Influencers and trust
  • Social media, fake news, misinformation
  • Trust, big data and artificial intelligence in the new world of media and entertainment
  • Audience listening as way to increase trust
  • Subscription-based television sources and trust
  • Quality in audience research and trust measurement
  • Trust and quality in content production
  • Trust in advertising supported media vs subscription media


We also welcome paper proposals beyond the conference theme that address theoretical reflections or empirical findings being of relevance to contemporary media management scholarship.

Nested Applications


Submissions must be in the format of the Journal of Media Business Studies. That is English, size 12 font, Times New Roman and double-line spacing and include an ORCID number.