Nested Applications

Nested Applications

Program: day-1

Thursday 7 October, 2021

Congress starts in the morning

Keynote speaker (1) (plenary session)

Papers presentation (parallel sessions)


Parallel panel sessions

Spanish wine (reception)

Program: day-2

Friday 8 October, 2021

Paper Development Workshop

Parallel panel sessions


Keynote speaker (2)

EUPRERA Hour (awards, projects, networks)

EUPRERA General Assembly


Program: day-3

Saturday 9 October, 2021

Social activities*

A bus will take you on a half day trip.

Enjoy a visit to one of Navarra’s most international wineries, Bodegas Otazu; a guided tour to enjoy Olite’s medieval Palace architecture and whimsical towers and lunch at Parador de Olite, with a fabulous location in the same 15th-century castle.

*If health restrictions do not apply.

Nested Applications


EUPRERA will offer a Paper Development Workshop, sponsored by The Nordic Alliance for Communication & Management, as a special, interactive and engaged environment to discuss and develop papers with a potential towards very strong conceptual/empirical contributions. All scholars can apply, but preference will be given to early and mid-career researchers (i.e., final stage of PhD or completed PhD within the last six years). Contact:

More info

The 14th EUPRERA PhD seminar will be held in Pamplona, on October 5-7 (arrival in Pamplona to be sheduled on October 4).

The seminar is intended for early/mid-stage PhD-students in public relations, organizational communication, and/or strategic communication. It provides an international setting for next generation of scholars. During three days, participants will get the chance to network and discuss their work in depth and get feedback from experts and peers. Active participation is expected meaning that everyone prepares comments to papers that are distributed in advance. In addition, two designated respondents will be appointed per paper and provide written feedback ahead of the seminar dates. The seminar will also include presentations and discussions around topics such as the process of writing a PhD, developing an academic career, and the relationship between PhD-student and advisor.

There will be a limited number of 10 participants. When the application criteria are met, the principle will be first come, first served.

Application requirements

  • A one-page abstract presenting the dissertation (must explicitly address public relations, organizational communication, and/or strategic communication) and proof of enrolment in a PhD-program. Deadline: June 30. Please contact Øyvind Ihlen ( for further details.

If accepted, participants are expected confirm their attendance and submit the following:

  • 10-page paper based on the PhD-project. The paper should follow the standard structure of introduction of the topic of interest, research question, literature review of the theory that is or will be applied, description and discussion of the methodological approach, analysis/discussion and (tentative) conclusion. If the dissertation is article based, it is possible to pull out one of the articles and present this alongside an introduction note detailing the context of the piece. You should also pose three questions concerning the type of feedback you are looking forDeadline: June 30.

  • One page of comments for each of two papers (will be allocated after August 30), addressing the quality of the research questions, theory, method and/or analysis, to be distributed to the participant.

Programme and presentations

A detailed program will be distributed in early September.

An important role of the PhD seminar is the opportunity to network with peers. It is important to share the working hours as well as the time for socializing with the seminar group. Therefore, you should not plan private tourist activities during the seminar days.

It is highly recommended that PhD students attend the congress as well as the seminar. You can take advantage of the special package fee including both events (registration instructions will be sent after the abstract approval). During the congress, a panel session will be set aside for the students to present.


To register to the PhD seminar, first you need to submit your application and then, if approved, you will get the seminar registration code.

  • Registration fees (including 3 nights + 3 breakfasts + 3 lunches + seminar materials):

    • Seminar only € 350

    • Seminar + congress € 450

  • Special cases:

    • Discount € 50 if arriving on Tuesday early morning (2 nights + 2 breakfasts + 3 lunches + seminar materials)

    • Possibility to ask for 1 grant, only if not funded by the university



Øyvind Ihlen

Professor, University of Oslo


Jens Seiffert-Brockmann

Professor, Vienna University of Economics and Business


Chiara Valentini

Professor, University of Jyvaskyla

During the congress the following awards are presented: