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A fascinating journey from people to planet, from cellular agriculture to solar architecture, from sustainable to circular, from combustion to electric, from this world to the metaverse and back. 

The purpose of "Future Cities Deeply Human 2030" event is to put society, alumni and friends in contact with the University of Navarra and reflect on future issues and how we can improve it.

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Ideas that transform how we live and work 
Thought leaders, inspiring talks and fireside chats

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The last 17th june 2022 we had the opportunity to listen to over 20 inspiring speakers about many state of the art topics in different fields, while enjoying the amazing sunset view of London at the Blavatnik building of the TATE Modern. 

An event to grow professionally, expand your contact networks, create new opportunities, improve your critical thinking or increase your knowledge of innovation and new technologies.

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Alumni UK sesión 1

Welcome note. Our shared vision.

  • María Iraburu, President, University of Navarra


Alumni UK sesión 2

BIOMA Centre from University of Navarra.

  • Jesús Miguel Santamaría, BIOMA, Scientific Director, BIOMA Institute


Alumni UK - sesión 3

Building the bio-based future of food & materials. 

  • Brett Cotten, Author & CEO & co-founder of Arda Biomaterials

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Sesión 4

Lithium, nickel, manganese, cobalt. Metals, the new oil. Fireside chat.

  • Sophie Thomas, co-founder of thomas.matthews

Alumni UK - sesión 5

People & Planet Positive Fashion. Addressing waste and overconsumption.

  • Julia Vendramin, Co-Founder at LABELL-D

Alumni UK - sesión 6

Is automotive the new cyber security frontier?

  • Daniel Cuthbert, Grupo Santander, Global Head of Cyber Security Research

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Alumni UK - sesión 7

Moving Beyond Car-centric Cities. What’s next.

  • Irena Spazzapan, General Partner at Systemiq Capital

Alumni UK - sesión 8

Privacy vs Protection. Could blockchain solve our growing privacy issue?

  • Robert Steedman, Partner, Enterprise Strategy IBM  Blockchain

Alumni UK - sesión 9

Micro-mobility, the future of city transport?

  • JP Lewin Founder & CEO of Foundy. Founder of Zwings

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Alumni UK - sesión 10

An electric future one race and one city at a time.

  • Harry Browne, Strategy Director at Formula E

Alumn Uk - sesión 11

From this world to the metaverse and back.

  • Faisal Galaria, CEO. Blippar
  • Richard Benson,  Creative Managing Director Accenture Song UK, Metaverse
  • Mimi Keshani, COO, Hadean Supercomputing

Alumni UK - sesión 12

Hemp, Hemp, Hurray!

  • Jeffrey D’Souza, CFO at HGI

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Alumni UK - sesión 13


  • Bruno Moser, Senior Partner Foster & Global Head of urban design, Foster + Partners


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In addition, if you wish, you can collaborate financially with the University of Navarra for the development of education, sustainable development and research projects. 

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