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Equipo Proyecto SUN


There are numerous questions about which diets are beneficial and prevent illness, and which ones are harmful to our health. To find out what’s healthy and what’s not, there are better options than having one person eat a certain diet, and another person avoid the same food.

The SUN Project (University of Navarra Follow-Up Study) came about as a result of the following idea: the best formula is for people to continue living their everyday habits, with the same diet they have always eaten. This way the consequences of their lifestyle can be analyzed by way of a questionnaire that participants fill out every two years.  The group of participants as a whole is called the SUN Project cohort.

A cohort is a group of people who share a common experience during the same period of time, and the participants in the SUN Project are tracked over time so as to analyze the occurrence of illnesses or their incidence.

Participants are asked questions about their diet, daily working hours, exercise, amount of food consumed and other factors, such as elements or behaviors that could influence the risk of having a car accident.

Serious research projects with solid bases are needed in order to be able to make diet recommendations to the public.  In the United States, the mortality rate for coronary diseases has decreased by 50% since high cholesterol, hypertension and tobacco were shown to be clear risk factors.

We intend to do the same here.


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