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Nested Applications



A Virtue Ethics Approach to Artificial Intelligence in Business

Explores the ethical implications of using artificial intelligence (AI) in business contexts, such as decision making, customer service, marketing, and innovation. It examines the potential benefits and risks of AI for businesses, customers, society, and the environment. It also proposes guidelines and best practices for ensuring that AI is used in a responsible and beneficial way.



Human-Centered Data Economy Chair

DATAI, along with IESE, TECNUN and the Faculty of Sciences, is preparing a proposal for a University-Company Chair to the Secretary of State for Digitalization and Artificial Intelligence. The Ethics of AI will be there in one way or another and DATAI's more specific participation will be with the repair of biased data leading to biased algorithmic decisions. I think it is a collaboration of different university centers that will be quite fruitful.

Nested Applications


“Virtuous Work in the Age of Digitalization“

Growing the Good in Business for the Next 100 Years


 Governing ESG: the role of Purpose, Ethics, Compliance and Innovation

PID2021-124151NA-I00, Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación (MCIN). What are the organizational and governance conditions that enable proactive social and environmental strategies while sustaining economic outcomes? Aiming to answer this overarching question, this research project plans to contribute to the existing theoretical and empirical research on the determinants and implications of corporate sustainability by shedding new light on the role of: (a) corporate purpose, (b) business ethics, (c) corporate compliance, and (d) innovation on sustainability strategy and outcomes. Each of these topics imply specific yet interrelated specific research questions that will have important business and public policy implications. Using a variety of methods ranging from theoretical propositions to econometric analysis, surveys, Delphi Method, and experiments, we will provide a complete perspective on how organizational and governance conditions enable proactive social and environmental strategies and sustain firms economic performance.


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Journal of Business Ethics (JBE) special issue on "The Ethics of the Commons"

(Helen Haugh, Marek Hudon, Camille Meyer, Ana Maria Peredo, guest editors)


Journal of Business Ethics (JBE) special issue on "Virtue Ethics Between East and West"

(M. Alzola, E. Romar and A. Hennig, guest editors)

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Business Ethics: A European Review (BE:ER) special Issue on " Practical Wisdom and Management"

(E. Hartman, A.J.G. Sison, A. Habisch, and M.P. Hühn, guest editors) 


Call for book chapters for "African Virtue Ethics Traditions for Business and Management"

(Abiola Olukemi Ogunyemi)

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EURAM Lisbon 2019 call for papers for the special track "Business for Society"

(Ignacio Ferrero)


ISBEE Bilbao 2020 call for papers for the special track on Artificial Intelligence (AI) in business

(Tae Wan Kim, Ignacio Ferrero and Alejo José G. Sison)