Supramolecular Materials for Biomedical and Environmental Technologies is a research unit integrated in the Department of Chemistry. We carry out an intense research in the fields of supramolecular Chemistry and polymer science and their pharmaceutical applications (drug delivery vehicles, like cyclodextrins, gels and nanoparticles), materials science (nanocomposites and hydrogels), and in the modelling, design and optimization of reactors and sustainable processes from an application-oriented viewpoint.

The members of the group are in charge of the subjects related to Physical Chemistry and Chemical and Environmental Engineering (degrees of Chemistry, Biochemistry, Environmental Sciences and Pharmacy), and committed to the didactics and divulgation of science.



Prof. Juana Fernández has been promoted to Profesor Titular in the area of Chemical Engineering. She obtained the acreditation from the ANECA (Agencia Nacional de Evaluación de la Calidad y Acreditación) last May. We send Juana our warmest congratulations for her promotion.

In the news

Prof. Juana Fernández has recently published an opinion article in the DN titled "El día del Medio Ambiente o cómo educar en valores"  on the ocassion of the World Environment Day.

New projects

The "Dirección General de Industria, Energía e Innovación" del Gobierno de Navarra has fundad the project "Optimization of the development and management of packaging containing sustainable nanoparticulate materials, for food use", whose main researcher is Prof. Itziar Vélaz. The project is included in the program "Ayudas a Centros tecnológicos y Organismos de investigación y difusión de conocimientos para la realización de proyectos de I+D 2019".

Poster award

Leire Goñi has received the award for the best poster communication at the IV International Summer School on Cyclodextrins, which took place at the Politecnico di Milano from June 10 to 12. This course, held every three years, is aimed at doctoral students and researchers from all over the world working in the field of supramolecular chemistry with cyclodextrins. Idoia Cunnigham, student of the 4th year of Chemistry, has co-authored the communication, entitled "Food packaging films containing TiO2 nanoparticles modified with β-Cyclodextrins: Degradation studies". Read here the news (Spanish)

"Guadalupe vuelve a la Facultad de Químicas"

On April 24 a round table was held at the Faculty of Chemistry of the Universidad Complutense de Madrid (UCM) on Guadalupe Ortiz de Landázuri, who will be beatified in Madrid on May 18. The Director of the Department of Chemistry, Gustavo González Gaitano, and the Vice-rector of the Universidad de Navarra, Tomás Gómez Acebo, both alumni from the Faculty of Chemistry, attended the meeting. Dean Prof. Francisco Ortega opened the ceremony by welcoming the numerous attendees and said that it was an honor for the Faculty to have a round table about a former student on the occasion of her beatification, which coincided with the International Year of the Periodic Table, an opportunity to bring Chemistry closer to society (read here the full article)

4th International Summer School on Cyclodextrins

The IV International Summer School on Cyclodextrins will be held in Milano in June 2019. The School  welcomes graduate students, Ph.D students and researchers interested in all the aspects of cyclodextrin chemistry and technology.

The lectures will cover several topics on CD and CD inclusion complexes and will be strongly oriented to teaching and transmission of know-how. The participants –early stage scientists especially– are invited to submit contributions to the poster session for the discussion of recent individual results and open issues.

SUMBET will be represented in the School by Prof. González-Gaitano (teacher) and the PhD students of the group Joan Puig, Leire Goñi and Max Petitjean.

6th European Conference on Cyclodextrins

The 6th European Conference on Cyclodextrins will be held in Santiago de Compostela in 2019, after the very successful scientific meetings in Aalborg (2009), Asti (2011), Antalya (2013), Lille (2015) and Lisbon (2017),

The congress will be a multidisciplinary meeting point, covering from cyclodextrin production, chemistry and modeling, to applications in diverse fields including analytical chemistry, drug formulation, gene therapy, regenerative medicine, cosmetics, food, bioremediation and agriculture, among others.

Ten sessions will be organized combining invited lectures presented by distinguished invited speakers, giving up-to-date overviews in the respective fields, short talks selected from submitted abstracts, and flash communications presenting the contents of outstanding posters on the broad field of cyclodextrins science and technology. During the entire conference, the posters section will be an attractive meeting point where young and experienced scientists from academia and industry will share their latest research achievements in a distended atmosphere.

Mobility of PhD students

Joan Puig has been awarded with a doctoral UN Mobility Grant, aimed to obtaining the mention of international doctoral degree. The stay will take place in the group of Prof. D. Thompson, at Purdue University (US), during the first term of the next academic year. The research will be focused on developing novel bioresponsive carrier systems for drug and gene delivery.


The IX International Agriculture Symposium "AGROSYM 2018" was celebrated in Jahorina (Bosnia and Herzegovina), from 4 to 7 October 2018. Prof. Juana Fernández-Rodríguez presented there the communications "Agricultural waste codigestion versus individual anaerobic digestion: effect of temperature" and "Temperature-phased anaerobic digestion of lignocelulosic wastes: artichoke and asparagus". The latter comunication was awarded with the best poster presentation.


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