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Los investigadores del Grupo de Física Médica y Biofísica han participado en la publicación de diferentes artículos científicos. Estos son algunos de ellos:


· Pedro Arce, Juan Ignacio Lagares, Juan Diego Azcona, Carlos Huesa-Berral, Javier Burguete. "Precise dosimetric comparison between GAMOS and the collapsed cone convolution algorithm of 4D DOSE accumulated in lung SBRT treatments.  Radiation Physics and Chemistry, Volume 208, July 2023, 110891.

· Carlos Huesa-Berral, Celia Juan-Cruz, Simon van Kranen, Maddalena Rossi, José Belderbos, Juan Diego Azcona, Javier Burguete  and Jan-Jakob Sonke. «Detailed dosimetric evaluation of inter-fraction and respiratory motion in lung stereotactic body radiation therapy based on daily 4D cone beam CT images». Phys. Med. Biol. 68 (2023) 015005.

· “Commissioning of a synchrotron-based proton beam therapy system for use with a Monte Carlo treatment planning system”. Juan-Diego Azcona, Borja Aguilar, Álvaro Perales, Ramón Polo, Daniel Zucca, Leticia Irazola, Alberto Viñals, Pablo Cabello, José-Miguel Delgado, Diego Pedrero, Rocío Bermúdez, Roser Fayos-Solá, Carlos Huesa-Berral, Javier Burguete. Radiation Physics and Chemistry204 (2023) 110708. 

· «IL-6/STAT3 signaling in tumor cells restricts the expression of frameshift-derived neoantigens by SMG1 induction». Daniel Meraviglia‑Crivelli, Helena Villanueva, Angelina Zheleva, Maria Villalba‑Esparza, Beatriz Moreno, Ashwathi Puravankara Menon, Alfonso Calvo, Javier Cebollero, Martin Barainka, Igor Ruiz de los Mozos, Carlos Huesa‑Berral and Fernando Pastor. Molecular Cancer (2022) 21:211. Open Access. 

· "Simple and Autonomous Sleep Signal Processing System for the Detection of Obstructive Sleep Apneas"
Moscoso-Barrera, W.D.; Urrestarazu, E.; Alegre, M.; Horrillo-Maysonnial, A.; Urrea, L.F.; Agudelo-Otalora, L.M.; Giraldo-Cadavid, L.F.; Fernández, S.; Burguete, J. 
Int. J. Environ. Res. Public Health 2022, 19, 6934.

· "Gel-induced dew condensation"
R. Urbina, S. Lefavrais, L. Royon, A Mongruel, W. González-Viñas, D. Beysens.
Journal of Hydrology. Volume 599, August 2021, 126263

· "A method using 4D dose accumulation to quantify the interplay effect in lung stereotactic body radiation therapy"
Carlos Huesa-Berral, Javier Burguete, Marta Moreno-Jiménez and Juan Diego Azcona.
Physics in Medicine and Biology. 66 (2021) 035025.

· “Evaluation of the Ultrastructural and In Vitro Flow Properties of the PRESERFLO MicroShunt”.
Marta Ibarz Barberá, Jose Luis Hernández-Verdejo, Jean Bragard, Javier Burguete, Laura Morales Fernández, Pedro Tañá Rivero, Rosario Gómez de Liaño, and Miguel A. Teus.
TVST. November 2021. Vol. 10. No. 13. Article 26.

Pedro Arce, Juan Ignacio Lagares, Juan Diego Azcona, Pedro-Borja Aguilar-Redondo.
 “A proposal for a Geant4 physics list for radiotherapy optimized in physics performance and CPU time
Nuclear Inst. and Methods in Physics Research, A 964 (2020) 163755

Iván Cortés-Domínguez, María A. Fernández-Seara, Nicolás Pérez-Fernández and Javier Burguete.
"Systematic Method for Morphological Reconstruction of the Semicircular Canals Using a Fully Automatic Skeletonization Process".
Appl. Sci. 9, 4904 (2019)

Juan Diego Azcona, Carlos Huesa-Berral, Marta Moreno-Jiménez, Benigno Barbés, José Javier Aristu, Javier Burguete.
"A novel concept to include uncertainties in the evaluation of stereotactic body radiation therapy after 4D dose accumulation using deformable image registration".
Med. Phys. 46 (10), October 2019.

C Hawks, J Elorza, A Witt, D Laroze, IR Cantalapiedra, A Peñaranda, B. Echebarria, J Bragard.
"Gap Junction Dynamics Induces Localized Conductance Bistability in Cardiac Tissue".
International Journal of Bifurcation and Chaos. Volumen 29. Número 08. Páginas 1930021 (2019).

Gabriel Ballesteros, Susana Ravassa, Jean Bragard, Pablo Ramos, Begoña López, Enrique Vives, Renzo Neglia, Bernardo Wise, Arantxa González, María U Moreno, Javier Díez, Ignacio García‐Bolao.
"Association of left atrium voltage amplitude and distribution with the risk of atrial fibrillation recurrence and evolution after pulmonary vein isolation: An ultrahigh‐density mapping study".
Journal of cardiovascular electrophysiology. (2019).

Susana Ravassa, Gabriel Ballesteros, Begoña López, Pablo Ramos, Jean Bragard, Arantxa González, María U. Moreno, Ramón Querejeta, Enrique Vives, Ignacio García-Bolao, Javier Díez.
"Combination of Circulating Type I Collagen-Related Biomarkers Is Associated With Atrial Fibrillation".
Journal of the American College of Cardiology. Vol. 73, No. 12, 2019.

Jean Bragard, Aparna C. Sankarankutty and Frank B. Sachse.
"Extended Bidomain Modeling of Defibrillation: Quantifying Virtual Electrode Strengths in Fibrotic Myocardium".
Frontiers in Physiology. Volume 10. Article 337. April 2019.

J.O. Rodríguez-García, J. Burguete.
"Experimental lateral wall boundary layer behavior of a differentially rotating split-cylinder flow".
PHYSICAL REVIEW E 99, 023111 (2019).

H. Mancini, R. Becheikh, and G. Vidal.
Control and synchronization of hyperchaotic states in mathematical models of Bènard-Marangoni convective experiments”.
Chaos 28, 075519 (2018).

I. Cortés-Domínguez and J. Burguete
"Instabilities triggered in different conducting fluid geometries due to slowly time-dependent magnetic fields"
Chaos 28, 075514 (2018);

Luis F. Giraldo-Cadavid, Javier Burguete, Felipe Rueda, Ana M. Galvis, Natalia Castaneda, Mario Arbulu, Jorge I. Balaguera, Nelson Paez, Secundino Fernandez.
Accuracy of a Laryngopharyngeal Endoscopic Esthesiometer (LPEER) for Evaluating Laryngopharyngeal Mechanosensitivity: A Validation Study in Prospectively Recruited Cohort of Patients”.
Dysphagia, 33, 1 15-25 (2018)

A. Collet, J. Bragard, PC. Dauby.
"Temperature, geometry and bifurcations in the numerical modeling of the cardiac mechano-electric feedback".
Chaos, vol 27(9), pgs. 093924 (2017).

J.D. Azcona, B. Barbés, V. Morán, J. Burguete.
"Commissioning of small field size radiosurgery cones in a 6-MV flattening filter-free beam".
Medical Dosimetry 42, 282-288 (2017)

I. Cortés-Domínguez and J. Burguete.
Instabilities of conducting fluid layers in weak time-dependent magnetic fields”.
PHYSICAL REVIEW E 96, 013103 (2017)

Giraldo-Cadavid, J. Burguete, F. Rueda, A.M. Galvis, N. Castaneda, L.M. Agudelo-Otalora, W.D. Moscoso, N. Paez, S. Fernández.
"Reliability of a  laryngo-pharyngeal esthesiometer and a method for measuring laryngo-pharyngeal mechano-sensivity in a prospectively recruited cohort  of patients". Eur Arch Otorhinolaryngol. (2017)

O. Liot, J. Burguete.
"Bifurcation induced by the aspect ratio in a turbulent von Kármán swirling flow".
PHYSICAL REVIEW E 95, 013101 (2017).

Luis F. Giraldo‑Cadavid, Luis Mauricio Agudelo‑Otalora, Javier Burguete, Mario Arbulu, William Daniel Moscoso, Fabio Martínez, Andrés Felipe Ortiz, Juan Diaz, Jaime A. Pantoja, Andrés Felipe Rueda‑Arango and Secundino Fernández.
"Design, development and validation of a new laryngo‑pharyngeal endoscopic esthesiometer and range‑finder based on the assessment of air‑pulse variability determinants".
BioMed Eng OnLine (2016) 15:5.

N. Machicoane, M. López-Caballero, L. Fiabane, J.-F. Pinton, M. Bourgoin, J. Burguete, R. Volk.
"Stochastic dynamics of particles trapped in turbulent flows".
Phys. Rev. E 93 (2016) 023118.

J.D. Azcona. B. Barbés. L. Wang, J. Burguete.
"Experimental pencil beam kernels derivation for 3D dose calculation in flattening filter free modulated fields".
Phys. Med. Biol. 61 50 (2016).

I. Cortés-Domínguez, J. Burguete, H.L. Mancini.
"Experimental dynamics in magnetic field-driven flows compared to thermoconvective convection".
Philosophical Transactions A. Royal Society Publishing. 373 (2015)

B. Barbés, J.D. Azcona, E. Prieto, J.M. de Foronda, M. García, J. Burguete.
"Development and clinical evaluation of a simple optical method to detect and measure patient external motion".
Journal of Applied Clinical Medical Physics, Volume 16, Number 5, 2015.

Benigno Barbés, Juan D. Azcona, Javier Burguete, Josep M. Martí-Climent.
"Application of spherical diodes for megavoltage photon beams dosimetry".
Medical Physics 41, 012102 (2014).

JD Azcona, L Xing, X Chen, K Bush,R Li
Assessing the dosimetric impact of real-time prostate motion during volumetric modulated arc therapy.”
Int J Radiat Oncol Biol Phys. 2014 Apr 1;88(5):1167-74. doi:.

Javier Burguete, Héctor Mancini.
"Localized structures in convective experiments".
The European Physical Journal. Special Topics. 223, 9–20 (2014)

JD Azcona, L Xing, X Chen, K Bush,R Li
Assessing the dosimetric impact of real-time prostate motion during volumetric modulated arc therapy.”
Int J Radiat Oncol Biol Phys. 2014 Apr 1;88(5):1167-74. doi:.

Javier Burguete, Héctor Mancini.
"Localized structures in convective experiments".
The European Physical Journal. Special Topics. 223, 9–20 (2014).

J. Bragard, A. Simic, J. Elorza, R.O. Grigoriev, E.M. Cherry, R.F. Gilmour Jr, N.F. Otani, F.H. Fenton.
"Shock-induced termination of reentrant cardiac arrhythmias: Comparing monophasic and biphasic shock protocols".
Chaos 23, 043119 (2013).

M. López-Caballero and J.Burguete.
Inverse Cascades Sustained by the Transfer Rate of Angular Momentum in a 3D Turbulent Flow".
Physical Review Letters 110 (2013) 12450.

JD Azcona, R Li, E Mok, S Hancock, L Xing.
Development and clinical evaluation of automatic fiducial detection for tumor tracking in cine megavoltage images during volumetric modulated arc therapy.
Med Phys. 2013 Mar;40(3):031708

JD Azcona, R Li, E Mok, S Hancock, L Xing.
Automatic prostate tracking and motion assessment in volumetric modulated arc therapy with an electronic portal imaging device.”
Int J Radiat Oncol Biol Phys. 2013 Jul 15;86(4):762-8.