The congress will be October 7-9, 2021

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Nested Applications

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7-9 October 2021




We live in evolving societies that undergo profound and rapid transformations. Artificial intelligence, machine learning, robots in the workplace and big data are opening transcendent questions around the future of mankind. At the same time, trust and reputation are at risk in our dynamic, disruptive and uncertain world. In this complex scenario, going back to the basics of public relations and strategic communication seems more important than ever before: people and relationships. People should always come first.

Despite the role of technology, the use of robots in communication or AI, there seems to be a massive need to create human-centred organizations. We need to build value-oriented societies based upon humanistic principles. In short, we need to rethink what it means to put the person at the centre of our decisions. How communication and public relations respond to these issues will determine the future of our field and practice. To address these challenges we attempt to revisit the relevance of people on the art and science of strategic communication, including education, professionalism, research and the practice of strategic communication.

On the one hand, we would like to explore how to put the organizational focus on people. Communication/PR enables us to increase our uniquely human capabilities such us creativity, empathy, innovation or connection. Likewise, there is a huge opportunity to become more meaningful, creative and collaborative workplaces. On the other, more than ever, there is a big opportunity to make our businesses and institutions genuinely human, real and approachable to our publics, even considering the important role of new technology. In other words, we would like to build more open societies through communication to establish relationships based on honesty and trust that create even more value for organizations and society.

Indeed, the role of communicators, PR professionals, researchers and educators is crucial to understand, analyse and promote a humanistic view of our profession. Discipline and practice are at a critical turning point to anticipate and develop the knowledge, skills, competences and capabilities to manoeuvre these innovations.

But why using the word Camino? The Route to Santiago is of the utmost importance in Navarra. The University has the privilege to be on the Pilgrim’s way. Therefore, we invite practitioners and scholars to discuss and work together in order to ascertain the potential of human elements and values of the discipline and its strategic role on the future to come in the best possible scenario.