Nested Applications


We welcome proposals for presentations on sociocultural approaches to research on second and foreign language learning, heritage language learning, multilingualism, and language and culture that are grounded in the works of L.S. Vygotsky and his collaborators and later interpreters. Proposals should be emailed at

We invite proposals that report on research in progress, pedagogical and curricular innovations, and theoretical/conceptual advancements. In the spirit of the working group, there is a strong preference for sessions that engage the audience in dialogue so that we can learn from and with each other. Consequently, reports of completed work are discouraged. Presenters are therefore asked to propose 40-minute sessions in which at least half of the allotted time is reserved for Q&A, feedback, debate, collaborative data analysis, and so on. Presentations must be in person in Pamplona. 

Proposal deadline: Feb 28, 2022

Notification of decisions: March 25, 2022


Proposals should not exceed 350 words (not including the title or references) and must:

  1. identify the kind of session proposed (e.g., research/data analysis in progress, curricular/pedagogical innovation, theoretical/conceptual advancement);

  2. explicitly state the specific goals for the session (i.e., what do you as the presenter expect to gain from audience feedback, and what should the audience expect to gain from participating?);

  3. provide an indication of how the 40-minute session will be organized so that there is substantial audience participation (at least half the time, however organized/divided, should involve audience engagement).

We also request that you provide 3-5 keywords that describe your work.

Proposals that do not follow these guidelines may be rejected without review.