Our current research interests are:

  • Lime mortars for various applications (air lime and hydraulic lime mortars). Building materials for restoration of Cultural Heritage modified with additives and admixtures. Compatibility studies between different additives and admixtures in lime mortars.

  • Polymer-modified binders: study of both cement mortar and lime mortar with improved properties upon the addition of various polymeric additives. Performance assessment on the properties of mortars.

  • Retention of toxic metals in cement matrices. Use as agents for solidification / stabilization in aluminate cement. Aluminate cement and phosphate as retaining agents. Leaching tests. Polymer-added matrix behavior to improve the degree of retention of toxic metals. Complexation

  • Matrices of cement and lime with decontaminating properties. Self-cleaning mortars. Detoxifying greenhouse gas emissions through photocatalytic agents and CO2 retention. Recovery of industrial waste.


C/ Irunlarrea, 1
31008 Pamplona

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