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Media Markets Monographs

The Media Markets Monographs Series is an annual publication edited by the Media Management Department. Every issue will publish an original research work, longer than a journal article, which focuses on the analysis of media and communication markets, from a variety of perspectives.

The Media Markets Monographs Series is open to a wide range of research methodologies, disciplines and theoretical interests, as far as the studies are innovative and enrich the body of knowledge on structure, performance and understanding of media markets.

The editor of the Media Markets Monographs Series encourages the submission of works including conceptual developments and practical aspects of theories, especially empirical research papers.


Nº 15: Sub-Saharan African Cinema: Influences and Prospects.

Obiaya, Ikechukwu. 2016.

Servicio de Publicaciones de la Universidad de Navarra.


 Nº 14: Trial and Error: U. S. Newspapers´ Digital Struggles toward Inferiority.

Chyi, Iris. 2013.

Servicio de Publicaciones de la Universidad de Navarra.


Nº 13: Innovation and Leadership in the Media Industry.

Cristóbal Benavides. 2012.


Nº 12: Intelligent Networks and International Business Communication. A Systems Theory Interpretation.

Richard Gershon. 2011.


Nº 11: The Transformation of the Media and Communication Industries

Alan B. Albarran. 2010.


Nº 10: Corporate Governance and Risk Identification in Global Media Companies.

Juan Pablo Artero. 2009.


Nº 9: Corporate Entrepreneurship in the Newspaper Industry.

Aldo Van Wiezel. 2008.


Nº 8: The Europe-Hollywood Coopetition: Cooperation and Competition in the Global Film Industry.

Alejandro Pardo. 2007.


Nº 7: Issues on Media and Entertainment.

Francisco J. Pérez-Latre. 2006.


Nº 6: American Newspapers. How They Have Changed and How They Must Keep Changing.

Leo Bogart. 2005.


Nº 5: European Television Production. Pluralism and Concentration.

Mercedes Medina. 2005.


Nº 4: Programming and Direct Viewer Payment For Television.

Mónica Herrero. 2003.


Nº 3: Media Concentration in the European Market. New Trends and Challenges.

Alfonso Sánchez Tabernero and Miguel Carvajal. 2002.


Nº 2: Economic and Financial Press: From the Beginnings to the First Oil Crisis.

Angel Arrese. 2001.


Nº 1: Time and the information Market: The case of Spain.

Alfonso Nieto. 2000.