Cultural integration




As an institution with students and staff from all over the world, our campus provides a rich global learning, teaching and social environment. Through academic and social engagement, international students not only get an opportunity to know the many facets of spanish culture but they also contribute to the enrichment of the local campus culture.

Among the many other contributors of integration, the International Office and International Committee are dedicated to help students through practical and culturally diverse programs in order to integrate local and international students.

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Further your integration

The mentoring program pairs you up with someone who already knows the spanish cultural system. They will not only be able to help you before your arrival but they also are there to help you make new Spanish friends.

The language exchange program is a great opportunity to practice your spanish (or any other language you wish) in a friendly, informal, non-classroom environment with a local student.

The cultural activities department on campus can open up new opportunities to get to know the locals doing something you enjoy.

Spain is really into sports. At the sports center you can choose from a wide range of sports. It is a great opportunity to have some fun and meet some great friends.

Hints about making spanish friends

Hints about making spanish friends

It might seem difficult at first with what might seem as a language and culture barrier but in reality it´s just that, in general, spaniards are shy in northern of Spain. They are excited to meet you but they are embarrassed by their english or have a very tight group of friends, known as the "cuadrilla". Once you are in with the "cuadrilla" you have made a group of friends for the rest of your life. So it might be up to you to make the first move. Here are some ways you can get that spanish friend:


Walk right up to them during a break in class and just say hi and introduce yourself. Don't expect an immediate welcome but after a while they will start to warm up. Just don´t give up!


Even though you might not have the perfect spanish, local people appreciate the effort.


Getting a drink at the bar or on campus cafeteria is always a great opportunity to talk. Be open to getting something or even make the suggestion yourself.


Spaniards love food. It is so ingrained into the culture that it is rare to ever receive a no to an invite if it involves food. The best nights to do this are "Juevintos". Every thursday, there are city wide discounts on "pintxos" (or elaborate tapas) and drinks. Everyone local and not go out for a taste of something good.


You won't believe that some of the best experiences are getting to know the locals but they are. Talk to your local baker or small shop owner. You'll be surprised at how happy they are to talk to someone different. You might even make a new friend.