Türkiye’s complex path

Türkiye’s complex path. Erdogan’s economic policy review and new energy prospects


15 | 12 | 2023


Potential risks and challenges in Erdogan's new presidential term. Is he departing from his unorthodox monetary policy? Will Türkiye be able to become an energy hub?

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In the dynamic realm of global investments, Türkiye has long been a focal point of economic interest, blending its rich historical heritage with a burgeoning modern economy. However, no more than ever, Türkiye stands as a captivating mosaic of challenges and difficulties. Despite the storm clouds on the horizon, the course of time will show how the Turkish new economic team faces these significant challenges through lengthy, complicated, and different roads ahead of it. The changing approach of using a more conventional economic policy will have a heavy influence in trying to keep the economy afloat. Secondly, the energy sector will star a promising investment landscape. Türkiye is strategically positioning itself as a new regional energy hub, marking an unprecedented shift. Henceforth, it will actively foster domestic capabilities to harness its renewable energy potential and reduce its risky reliance on energy imports. Sustainable energy development will also be promoted by an energy strategy advancing towards major privatization and liberalization of the energy market.