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Aplicaciones anidadas


 The Country Projects, 2022

The "Country Projects" refer to the third commitment of ATLANTES with the World Health Organization: Support the WHO in analysing the strategic development of palliative care in diverse countries. This entails studies, analysis reports and background documents to WHO and to inform its work for the regional Member States consultation meetings.


The Atlas of Palliative Care in the Eastern Mediterranean region, 2021

The objective of this comparative study is to present the status of development of palliative care in the Eastern Mediterranean region, using reliable data gained through a consensus process. This process consisted of two surveys conducted within a network of regional PC experts, and Delphi analysis.


Assessing the development of palliative care worldwide: a set of actionable indicators

The aim of this report is to provide a tool that countries and stakeholders can use to monitor the progress of palliative care according to their respective health priorities and resources. This tool is based on a set of indicators that allow evaluating the national development of palliative care, which allow identifying the factors that promote the activity of palliative care in national health systems, especially in lower-middle-income countries.



Aplicaciones anidadas

Aplicaciones anidadas


Evaluación del desarrollo global de los cuidados paliativos en África a nivel regional y nacional

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