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International Simulation Week
School of Nursing University of Navarra

The International Simulation week appears for the first time as part of the Nursing Summer School 2021. To foster an international view of health systems, coordinators decided to introduce simulation scenarios prerecorded to be discussed online in groups. It was such a good experience both for students and professors that we decided to start a branded new Programme focused on simulation scenarios.

The aim of this new program is to present  different scenarios designed by teams from different universities and countries. This way, we look to present the students the opportunity to learn about other health systems, in a very practical way through the competencies required for a simulation case study. In fact students not only watch the prerecorded scenario, but also discuss with other students from other universities in groups, and finally all together share conclusions.

Every afternoon the scenario will be guided by a different professor and his/her team, and for two hours we’ll remain immersed in a global context learning from other cultural points of view.


The First International Nursing Week seeks to improve the quality of nursing care that our students deliver in different clinical settings. The simulation will be used as a teaching/learning tool to share and learn from the different international nursing approaches.

This online week sessions will allow us the opportunity to work together to achieve the following objectives:

→ To enhance students to achieve critical nursing thinking based on a guided reflection through the debriefing process.

→ To meet the Clinical Nursing Standards of Best Practice during the debriefing proposed by the INACLS.

→ To help learners to identify gaps in knowledge, nursing skills and communication needs.

→ To learn and approach nursing care plans within an international perspective based in an educational simulation environment.

Speakers Facultad de Enfermería
Universidad de Navarra
Birmingham City University
Illinois University at Chicago
NanYang Polytechnic
School of Nursing
North Carolina at Chapel Hill
School of Nursing 
Date / Time Monday 16th Tuesday 17th Wednesday 18th Thursday 19th Friday 20th
15,30 h.

Welcome in and introduction to the program. Presentation of the School of Nursing of the University of Navarra Professors, etc…

15:45 h. Welcoming and presentation of the IUC and Prof. Kilroy CV

15:45 h. Welcoming and presentation of the NC Chapel Hill

15:45 h. Welcoming and presentation of Birmingham City University

15:45 h. Welcoming and presentation of Nang Yang Polytechnic University.

16,00 h.

synopsis of the scenario (5 mins)

synopsis of the scenario

synopsis of the scenario synopsis of the scenario synopsis of the scenario


video (20 mins)

Video Video Video Video

working in groups (20 mins)

working in groups

working in groups working in groups working in groups

Debriefing (40 mins)

Debriefing Briefing Debriefing Debriefing
17,25 h.

Conclusions (5-10 mins)

Conclusions Conclusions Conclusions Conclusions
17,30 h.

End of the day

End of the day End of the day End of the day End of the day


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