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Impact of liver cirrhosis, severity of cirrhosis and portal hypertension on the difficulty of laparoscopic and robotic minor liver resections for primary liver malignancies in the anterolateral segments

Autores: Zheng, J. H.; Liang, X. (Autor de correspondencia); Wu, A. G. R.; Kabir, T.; Scatton, O.; Lim, C.; Hasegawa, K.; Sijberden, J. P.; Aghayan, D. L.; Siow, T. F.; Dokmak, S.; Herman, P.; Marino, M. V.; Mazzaferro, V.; Chiow, A. K. H.; Sucandy, I.; Ivanecz, A.; Choi, S. H.; Lee, J. H.; Prieto, M.; Vivarelli, M.; Giuliante, F.; Ruzzenente, A.; Yong, C. C.; Yin, M. Q.; Chen, Z. W.; Fondevila, C.; Efanov, M.; Morise, Z.; Di Benedetto, F.; Brustia, R.; Dalla Valle, R.; Boggi, U.; Geller, D.; Belli, A.; Memeo, R.; Gruttadauria, S.; Mejia, A.; Park, J. O.; Rotellar Sastre, Fernando; Choi, G. H.; Robles-Campos, R.; Wang, X. Y.; Sutcliffe, R. P.; Pratschke, J.; Lai, E. C. H.; Chong, C. C. N.; D'Hondt, M.; Monden, K.; Lopez-Ben, S.
Título de la revista: EJSO
ISSN: 0748-7983
Volumen: 50
Número: 1
Páginas: 107252
Fecha de publicación: 2024
Introduction: We performed this study in order to investigate the impact of liver cirrhosis (LC) on the difficulty of minimally invasive liver resection (MILR), focusing on minor resections in anterolateral (AL) segments for primary liver malignancies.Methods: This was an international multicenter retrospective study of 3675 patients who underwent MILR across 60 centers from 2004 to 2021.Results: 1312 (35.7%) patients had no cirrhosis, 2118 (57.9%) had Child A cirrhosis and 245 (6.7%) had Child B cirrhosis. After propensity score matching (PSM), patients in Child A cirrhosis group had higher rates of open conversion (p = 0.024), blood loss >500 mls (p = 0.001), blood transfusion (p < 0.001), postoperative morbidity (p = 0.004), and in-hospital mortality (p = 0.041). After coarsened exact matching (CEM), Child A cirrhotic patients had higher open conversion rate (p = 0.05), greater median blood loss (p = 0.014) and increased postoperative morbidity (p = 0.001). Compared to Child A cirrhosis, Child B cirrhosis group had longer post-operative stay (p = 0.001) and greater major morbidity (p = 0.012) after PSM, and higher blood transfusion rates (p = 0.002), longer postoperative stay (p < 0.001), and greater major morbidity (p = 0.006) after CEM. After PSM, patients with portal hypertension experienced higher rates of blood loss >500 mls (p = 0.003) and intraoperative blood transfusion (p = 0.025).Conclusion: The presence and severity of LC affect and compound the difficulty of MILR for minor resections in the AL segments. These factors should be considered for inclusion into future difficulty scoring systems for MILR.