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Fat reduced cookies using an olive oil-alginate gelled emulsion: Sensory properties, storage stability and in vitro digestion

ISSN: 0963-9969
Volumen: 167
Páginas: 112714 - *
Fecha de publicación: 2023
Reformulated cookies substituting 100 % butter by an olive oil-alginate gelled emulsion containing 40 % olive oil were elaborated with and without antioxidant, and their nutritional and sensory properties were assessed. Moreover, their performance during in vitro digestion as well as their oxidative stability during storage (21 days) were studied. Reformulated cookies showed a lower fat content (a decrease of 40 %), being this fraction mostly unsaturated (70 % lower saturated fat), in comparison with conventional cookies. Instrumental measures showed higher values for hardness with reformulation, which tends to equalize during storage. Reformulated cookies had good general sensory acceptability, although lower than control ones. Regarding oxidative stability, increases in malondialdehyde were observed in all formulations during storage, but not representing an oxidation problem (<1.5 nmol/g cookies). In vitro digestion assay promoted oxidation, but the use of antioxidants seemed to have a mitigating effect. Also, it seemed that the bioaccessibility of fatty acids after in vitro digestion was higher in the reformulated products (35-40 %) than in the control ones (10-25 %).