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Cardiac Fibrosis in heart failure: Focus on non-invasive diagnosis and emerging therapeutic strategies

ISSN: 0098-2997
Volumen: 93
Páginas: 101194
Fecha de publicación: 2023
Heart failure is a leading cause of mortality and hospitalization worldwide. Cardiac fibrosis, resulting from the excessive deposition of collagen fibers, is a common feature across the spectrum of conditions converging in heart failure. Eventually, either reparative or reactive in nature, in the long-term cardiac fibrosis contributes to heart failure development and progression and is associated with poor clinical outcomes. Despite this, specific cardiac antifibrotic therapies are lacking, making cardiac fibrosis an urgent unmet medical need. In this context, a better patient phenotyping is needed to characterize the heterogenous features of cardiac fibrosis to advance toward its personalized management. In this review, we will describe the different phenotypes associated with cardiac fibrosis in heart failure and we will focus on the potential usefulness of imaging techniques and circulating biomarkers for the non-invasive characterization and phenotyping of this condition and for tracking its clinical impact. We will also recapitulate the cardiac antifibrotic effects of existing heart failure and non-heart failure drugs and we will discuss potential strategies under preclinical development targeting the activation of cardiac fibroblasts at different levels, as well as targeting additional extracardiac processes.