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Training for sustainability through biomimicry and creative problem-solving processes

Autores: Mejia-Villa, A.; Torres-Guevara, L. E. (Autor de correspondencia); Prieto-Sandoval, V.; Cabra, J.; Jaca García, Carmen
ISSN: 1871-1871
Volumen: 49
Páginas: 101359 - *
Fecha de publicación: 2023
Biomimicry is a sustainable design strategy that harnesses the understanding of nature and its efficient resource utilization. However, the academic literature needs comprehensive methodol-ogies for applying biomimicry across various fields of study and professions. This study aims to assess the effectiveness of teaching a fusion of biomimicry and Creative Problem Solving (CPS) processes to management students tasked with designing eco-innovative products.Equipped with prior training in sustainability, biomimicry, creativity, and innovation, the students undertook a challenge to create a sustainable backpack using biomimicry within the CPS framework. To evaluate the training's effectiveness, systematic content analysis was applied to assess the usefulness and features of students' output. Additionally, a survey was administered to gauge the impact of this experience on the students' learning.The results suggest that the CPS approach effectively facilitated the students' development of sustainable products, even without a background in natural sciences, resource availability, or technology. These findings encourage the development of training workshops for future managers who may initially doubt their ability to propose sustainable products. Furthermore, insights from these pilot courses may inspire educators and the broader academic community to incorporate sustainable design strategies into their curriculum, leveraging valuable creative skills to address global challenges and future employment opportunities.