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Comparison between the use of hydrocolloids (xanthan gum) and high-pressure processing to obtain a texture-modified puree for dysphagia

ISSN: 0963-9969
Volumen: 170
Páginas: 112975
Fecha de publicación: 2023
Enriched lentil protein vegetable purees (10% zucchini, 10% carrots, 2.5% extra virgin olive oil and 21.8% lentil protein concentrate) suitable for people with dysphagia were developed with 0.8% xanthan gum (XG) or 600 MPa/5 min high pressure processing (HPP) treatment with the aim of comparing their rheological and textural properties. Selection of the appropriate XG % and HPP conditions was made by performing initial pilot trials. Purees showed a good nutritional profile (12% protein, 3.4% fiber, 100 Kcal/100 g), being adequate for people with dysphagia. Microbiological testing of HPP treated purees indicated that it has a good shelf-life under refrigerated conditions 14 days). Both types of purees showed a gel-like character (tan delta 0.161-0.222) and higher firmness, consistency and cohesiveness than control samples. Comparing XG and HPP samples at time 0, HPP treated purees showed the highest stiffness ( G '), the lowest deformability capacity (yield strainLVR) and the lowest structural stability (yield stressLVR). With storage, HPP treatment samples showed significant increases in all rheological and textural parameters. These results confirm the suitability of HPP as an alternative technology to hydrocolloids for the obtained dysphagia dishes.