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Consumers' food safety perceptions in three Mediterranean countries

Autores: Bouranta, N.; Psomas, E.; Casolani, N. (Autor de correspondencia); Jaca García, Carmen; Liberatore, L.
Título de la revista: NEW MEDIT
ISSN: 1594-5685
Volumen: 21
Número: 4
Páginas: 71 - 84
Fecha de publicación: 2022
The purpose of the study is to investigate and compare consumers' food safety perceptions in three Med-iterranean countries (Greece, Italy, and Spain). A survey was carried out based on a structured ques-tionnaire focusing on food safety-related issues concerning food characteristics, the labeling of systems implemented by food companies such as the Quality Management System and the Food Safety Manage-ment System, consumer trust in the food supply chain, and consumer illusion of food control. Information was collected from individuals located in those three countries (2,664 respondents), which share common characteristics. The results indicate that there is a significant heterogeneity in consumers' food safety perceptions in the three countries. The Spanish sample has the greatest level of trust in the supply chain in terms of food safety and the highest level of illusion of food control. The Italians evaluate the food characteristics and the QMS-FSMS's labeling higher than the Spanish and the Greeks. This multinational study brings to light the different types of food safety concerns of consumers from three Mediterranean countries.