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Impact analysis of heart failure across European countries: an ESC-HFA position paper

Autores: Rosano, G. M. C. (Autor de correspondencia); Seferovic, P.; Savarese, G.; Spoletini, I.; Lopatin, Y.; Gustafsson, F.; Bayes-Genis, A.; Jaarsma, T.; Abdelhamid, M.; González Miqueo, Aránzazu; Piepoli, M.; Tocchetti, C. G.; Ristic, A. D.; Jankowska, E.; Moura, B.; Hill, L.; Filippatos, G.; Metra, M.; Milicic, D.; Thum, T.; Chioncel, O.; Ben Gal, T.; Lund, L. H.; Farmakis, D.; Mullens, W.; Adamopoulos, S.; Bohm, M.; Norhammar, A.; Bollmann, A.; Banerjee, A.; Maggioni, A. P.; Voors, A.; Solal, A. C.; Coats, A. J. S.
Título de la revista: ESC HEAR FAILURE
ISSN: 2055-5822
Volumen: 9
Número: 5
Páginas: 2767 - 2778
Fecha de publicación: 2022
Heart failure (HF) is a long-term clinical syndrome, with increasing prevalence and considerable healthcare costs that are further expected to increase dramatically. Despite significant advances in therapy and prevention, mortality and morbidity remain high and quality of life poor. Epidemiological data, that is, prevalence, incidence, mortality, and morbidity, show geographical variations across the European countries, depending on differences in aetiology, clinical characteristics, and treatment. However, data on the prevalence of the disease are scarce, as are those on quality of life. For these reasons, the ESC-HFA has developed a position paper to comprehensively assess our understanding of the burden of HF in Europe, in order to guide future policies for this syndrome. This manuscript will discuss the available epidemiological data on HF prevalence, outcomes, and human costs-in terms of quality of life-in European countries.