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Toward Unity: Cernuda and English Romanticism

Libro: Latin American Afterlives
Lugar de Edición: Boulder
Editorial: University of Colorado
Fecha de publicación: 2020
Página Inicial - Final: 1 - 20
Resumen: This essay presents a study of the Spanish writer Luis Cernuda and his poetic appropriation of the English Romantic aesthetic and sensibility. A member of the Generation of '27, Cernuda left Madrid in 1938 to deliver lectures at Oxford and Cambridge, traveling to Glasgow, Cambridge, London, and the United States before finally settling in Mexico. As an exile in Scotland and England, Cernuda encounters Romanticism in the midst of the Modernist rejection of the era, negotiating questions of poetical ethics and pertinence during an era of modern warfare. Reading A Defence of Poetry and echoing Shelley a century later, he asks, ¿What is a poet?¿ ¿Poetry is not only useful,¿ Cernuda decides, ¿but also has certain social effects.¿ This essay offers an encompassing view of how Cernuda achieved a sense of unity in his own poetics, negotiating an English tradition with a Spanish one, while balancing his Romantic interests against contemporary Modernist pressures