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Gadoxetic acid-based MRI for decision-making in hepatocellular carcinoma employing perfusion criteria only-a post hoc analysis from the SORAMIC trial diagnostic cohort

Autores: Seidensticker, M. (Autor de correspondencia); Steffen, I. G.; Bargellini, I.; Berg, T.; Benito Boillos, Alberto; Gebauer, B.; Iezzi, R.; Loewe, C.; Karcaaltincaba, M.; Pech, M.; Sengel, C.; van Delden, O.; Vandecaveye, V.; Zech, C. J.; Ricke, J.
Título de la revista: CURRENT ONCOLOGY
ISSN: 1198-0052
Volumen: 29
Número: 2
Páginas: 565 - 577
Fecha de publicación: 2022
The value of gadoxetic acid in the diagnosis of hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC), based on perfusion criteria, is under dispute. This post-hoc analysis of the prospective, phase II, randomized, controlled SORAMIC study compared the accuracy of gadoxetic acid-enhanced dynamic magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) (arterial, portovenous, and venous phase only) versus contrast-enhanced computed tomography (CT) for stratifying patients with HCC to curative ablation or palliative treatment. Two reader groups (radiologists, R1 and R2) performed blind reads of CT and gadoxetic acid-enhanced MRI (contrast dynamics only). A truth panel, with access to clinical and imaging follow-up data, served as reference. Primary endpoint was non-inferiority (margin: 5% points) of MRI vs. CT (lower 95% confidence interval [CI] > 0.75) in a first step and superiority (complete 95% CI > 1) in a second step. The intent-to-treat population comprised 538 patients. Accuracy of treatment decisions was 73.4% and 70.8% for CT (R1 and R2, respectively) and 75.1% and 70.3% for gadoxetic acid-enhanced dynamic MRI. Non-inferiority but not superiority of gadoxetic acid-enhanced dynamic MRI versus CT was demonstrated (odds ratio 1.01; CI 0.97-1.05). Despite a theoretical disadvantage in wash-out depiction, gadoxetic acid-enhanced dynamic MRI is non-inferior to CT in accuracy of treatment decisions for curative ablation versus palliative strategies. This outcome was not subject to the use of additional MR standard sequences.