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Characteristics of isolated superficial vein thrombosis and diagnostic-therapeutic management in Spanish hospital emergency departments: the ALTAMIRA study

Autores: Beddar Chaib, F.; Jiménez Hernández, S.; Pedrajas Navas, J. M.; Carriel Mancilla, J.; Castro Arias, L.; Merlo Loranca, M.; Peiró Gómez, A.; Álvarez Márquez, A.; Lozano Polo, L.; Sánchez Garrido-Lestache, A.; Lecumberri Villamediana, Ramón; Ruiz Artacho, Pedro Celso (Autor de correspondencia); Soc Espanola Med Urgencias Emergen
Título de la revista: EMERGENCIAS
ISSN: 1137-6821
Volumen: 33
Número: 6
Páginas: 433 - 440
Fecha de publicación: 2021
Objectives. To describe the characteristics of patients with isolated lower-limb superficial vein thrombosis (SVT) treated in hospital emergency departments and to evaluate adherence to clinical practice guidelines on diagnosis (vein ultrasound imaging) and therapeutic management (start of anticoagulant therapy). Methods. Retrospective cohort study in 18 Spanish emergency departments. We included all patients with a final emergency department diagnosis of lower-limb SVT aged 18 years or older between January 2016 and May 2017. Backward stepwise multiple logistic regression analysis was used to evaluate adherence to clinical practice guidelines on ordering vein ultrasound imaging and starting anticoagulant therapy. ...