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Challenges in diabetic macular edema management: an expert consensus report

Autores: Udaondo, P. (Autor de correspondencia); Adán, A.; Arias-Barquet, L.; Ascaso, F.; Cabrera-López, F.; Castro-Navarro, V.; Donate-López, J.; García Layana, Alfredo; Lavid, F. J.; Rodríguez-Maqueda, M.; Ruiz-Moreno, J. M.
ISSN: 1177-5483
Volumen: 15
Páginas: 3183 - 3195
Fecha de publicación: 2021
Purpose: This paper aimed to present daily-practice recommendations for the management of diabetic macular edema (DME) patients based on available scientific evidence and the clinical experience of the consensus panel. Methods: A group of Spanish retina experts agreed to discuss different aspects related with the clinical management of DME patients. Results: Panel was mainly focused on therapeutic objectives in DME management; defini-tion terms; and role of biomarkers as prognostic and predictive factors to intravitreal treatment response. The panel recommends to start DME treatment as soon as possible in those eyes with a visual acuity less than 20/25 (always according to the retina unit capacity). Naive patient was defined, in a strict manner, as a patient who, up to that moment, had never received any treatment. A refractory DME patient may be defined as the one who did not achieve a complete resolution of the disease, regardless of the treatment administered. Different optical coherence tomography biomarkers, such as disorganization of the retinal inner layers, hyperreflective dots, and cysts, have been identified as prognostic factors. Conclusion: This document has sought to lay down a set of recommendations and to identify key issues that may be useful for the daily management of DME patients.