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The splicing regulator SLU7 is required to preserve DNMT1 protein stability and DNA methylation

Título de la revista: NUCLEIC ACIDS RESEARCH
ISSN: 0305-1048
Volumen: 49
Número: 15
Páginas: 8592 - 8609
Fecha de publicación: 2021
Gene expression is finely and dynamically controlled through the tightly coordinated and interconnected activity of epigenetic modulators, transcription and splicing factors and post-translational modifiers. We have recently identified the splicing factor SLU7 as essential for maintaining liver cell identity and genome integrity and for securing cell division both trough transcriptional and splicing mechanisms. Now we uncover a new function of SLU7 controlling gene expression at the epigenetic level. We show that SLU7 is required to secure DNMT1 protein stability and a correct DNA methylation. We demonstrate that SLU7 is part in the chromatome of the protein complex implicated in DNA methylation maintenance interacting with and controlling the integrity of DNMT1, its adaptor protein UHRF1 and the histone methyl-transferase G9a at the chromatin level. Mechanistically, we found that SLU7 assures DNMT1 stability preventing its acetylation and degradation by facilitating its interaction with HDAC1 and the desubiquitinase USP7. Importantly, we demonstrate that this DNMT1 dependency on SLU7 occurs in a large panel of proliferating cell lines of different origins and in in vivo models of liver proliferation. Overall, our results uncover a novel and non-redundant role of SLU7 in DNA methylation and present SLU7 as a holistic regulator of gene expression.