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Taming Faraday waves in binary fermionic clouds: the effect of Zeeman interaction

Autores: Diaz, P.; Pérez, L. M.; Reyes, L. I.; Laroze, D.; Bragard Monier, Jean (Autor de correspondencia)
ISSN: 0960-0779
Volumen: 153
Número: P1
Páginas: 111416
Fecha de publicación: 2021
This work presents a study of the Faraday instability in a parametrically forced Fermi-Fermi mixture. The condensate is confined in the transversal spatial dimension with a strong parametric confinement potential and in the longitudinal spatial dimension with a weaker potential. The theoretical description is done using the mean-field theory with two amplitude equations that represent each spin state. In order to stabilize the Faraday patterns, a phenomenological damping term is introduced. The influence of the Zeeman interaction is analyzed in detail. In particular, phase diagrams of the existence and stability of the Faraday waves are calculated as a function of the Zeeman interaction, the coupling parameter, and the forcing amplitude. The degree of segregation of the two fields and their synchronization level is also calculated as a function of the Zeeman parameter. In addition, we examine how the pattern wavelength varies as a function of the Zeeman parameter and the forcing frequency