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1st Post-European Headache Federation Meeting: a review of the latest developments presented at the 2020 European Headache Federation Congress

Autores: Láinez, J. M.; Ashina, M.; Belvís, R.; Díaz-Insa, S.; Ezpeleta, D.; García-Azorín, D.; González-Oria, C.; Guerrero, A. L.; Guillem, A.; Holle-Lee, D.; Huerta-Villanueva, M.; Irimia Sieira, Pablo; Leira, R.; Pascual, J.; Porta-Etessam, J.; Pozo-Rosich, P.; Rodríguez-Vico, J.; Sanchez del Río González, Margarita; Santos-Lasaosa, S.; Silberstein, S.
Título de la revista: REVISTA DE NEUROLOGIA
ISSN: 0210-0010
Volumen: 72
Número: Suppl. 2
Páginas: S1 - S19
Fecha de publicación: 2021
Introduction. After the European Headache Federation (EHF) Congress, renowned Spanish neurologists specialised in migraine presented the most significant latest developments in research in this field at the Post-EHF Meeting. Development. The main data presented concerning the treatment of chronic and episodic migraine were addressed, with attention paid more specifically to those related to preventive treatments and real-life experience in the management of the disease. An important review was carried out of the new therapeutic targets and the possibilities they offer in terms of understanding the pathophysiology of migraine and its treatment. An update was also presented of the latest developments in the treatment of migraine with fremanezumab, a monoclonal antibody recently authorised by the European Medicines Agency. Participants were also given an update on the latest developments in basic research on the pathology, as well as an overview of the symptoms of migraine and COVID-19. Finally, the repercussions of migraine in terms of its burden on the care and economic resources of the health system were addressed, along with its impact on society. Conclusions. The meeting summarised the content presented at the 10 EHF Congress, which took place in late June/early July 2020.