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Teaching microbiology in times of plague

Autores: Sánchez-Angulo, M. (Autor de correspondencia); López Goñi, Ignacio; Cid, V. J.
ISSN: 1139-6709
Volumen: 24
Número: 4
Páginas: 665 - 670
Fecha de publicación: 2021
The COVID-19 pandemic has imposed several challenges and strains at all levels of the educational system, especially as a consequence of lockdown and social distance measures. After a period of exclusive use of the online educational environment, educators have adapted to the new circumstances and, by a combination of different strategies, have fought to overcome the limitations and deficiencies of virtual learning. Student motivation, productivity, and creativity continue to be the main pedagogical issues that have to be reached with the new didactic tools developed during the pandemic. At the same time, this pandemic has shown the importance of the inclusion of microbiology as a core element of the educational curriculum and the opportunity to raise public awareness of the importance of microbes to everyday life.