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Julio Cano Lasso, dibujo, arquitectura y paisaje

ISSN: 1133-6137
Volumen: 26
Número: 41
Páginas: 254 - 275
Fecha de publicación: 2021
It is one hundred years since the birth of Cano Lasso (1920-1996), an outstanding figure among the masters of modern Spanish architecture. Deserved winner of the Gold Medal (1991), his work has had a lasting international impact 1. He has received prizes and awards, and enjoys considerable recognition 2 by the general public. The reasons for this success could be due to a work of quality that has been produced over an extensive period of time and geographical location, which, with different accents, never loses intensity in its approaches. And this continuity is based on an unprejudiced confidence in modernity and tradition under the prism of a humanistic vision of the world and of spiritual progress. His attitude of asceticism and austerity knows how to delight in the gifts freely offered by nature, while respecting it. His example is timely in facing the current challenges of contemporary design. This text takes a look at drawings and aims to highlight their values of essentiality and timelessness. At a time when the visual culture of form seems to be heading towards parametric design, Cano Lasso vindicates "drawing" - without adjectives-as the ideal tool for configuring the architectural reality in the territory, with criteria of sustainability, efficiency and respect for the environment.