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Inner ear drug delivery through a cochlear implant: Pharmacokinetics in a Macaque experimental model

Título de la revista: HEARING RESEARCH
ISSN: 0378-5955
Volumen: 404
Páginas: 108228
Fecha de publicación: 2021
Objectives The method of drug delivery directly into the cochlea with an implantable pump connected to a CI electrode array ensures long-term delivery and effective dose control, and also provides the possibility to use different drugs. The objective is to develop a model of inner ear pharmacokinetics of an implanted cochlea, with the delivery of FITC-Dextran, in the non-human primate model. Design A preclinical cochlear electrode array (CI Electrode Array HL14DD, manufactured by Cochlear Ltd.) attached to an implantable peristaltic pump filled with FITC-Dextran was implanted unilaterally in a total of 15 Macaca fascicularis (Mf). Three groups were created (5 Mf in each group), according to three different drug delivery times: 2 hours, 24 hours and 7 days. Perilymph (10 samples, 1¿L each) was sampled from the apex of the cochlea and measured immediately after extraction with a spectrofluorometer. After scarifying the specimens, x-Rays and histological analysis were performed. Results Surgery, sampling and histological analysis were performed successfully in all specimens. FITC-Dextran quantification showed different patterns, depending on the delivery group. In the 2 hours injection experiment, an increase in FITC-Dextran concentrations over the sample collection time was seen, reaching maximum concentration peaks (420-964µM) between samples 5 and 7, decreasing in successive samples, without returning to baseline...