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Living through Transition: The Poetic Tradition of the Jbala between Orality and Literacy at a Time of Major Cultural Transformations
ISSN: 0213-2370
Volumen: 36
Número: 4
Páginas: 1434 - 1454
Fecha de publicación: 2020
Lugar: WOS
In my paper I analyze transformations happening in the oral tradition of the Jbala, an Arabic speaking ethnic group inhabiting the western and central part of the Rif mountains of northern Morocco. My analysis centers on the work of two modern poets, who although they see themselves belonging to the oral tradition, compose their poetry in writing. Their poetry is, therefore, characterized by use of two different, and, to some degree, opposite modes of language - the oral and the written. This is especially interesting in the context of the Arabic language, where, officially, only Standard Arabic exists in two modes - oral and written, while its dialectal varieties are seen as exclusively oral forms of communication and `vulgar' poetry. The textual analysis will be substantiated by information received directly from both poets. To complement this analysis I examine this tradition through the lens of major cultural and identity changes occurring in local Moroccan genres and traditions at the national level and argue that the oral tradition of the Jbala is converging with the more popular and prestigious tradition of the malhun.