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Breast conservation and axillary management after primary systemic therapy in patients with early-stage breast cancer: the Lucerne toolbox

Autores: Dubsky, P. (Autor de correspondencia); Pinker, K.; Cardoso, F.; Montagna, G.; Ritter, M.; Denkert, C.; Rubio, Isabel Teresa; de Azambuja, E.; Curigliano, G.; Gentilini, O.; Gnant, M.; Guenthert, A.; Hauser, N.; Heil, J.; Knauer, M.; Knotek Roggenbauerc, M.; Knox, S.; Kovacs, T.; Kuerer, H. M.; Loibl, S.; Mannhart, M.; Meattini, I.; Penault Llorca, F.; Radosevic Robin, N.; Sager, P.; Spanic, T.; Steyerova, P.; Tausch, C.; Peeters, M. J. T. F. D. ; Weber, W. P.; Cardoso, M. J.; Poortmans, P.
Título de la revista: LANCET ONCOLOGY
ISSN: 1470-2045
Volumen: 22
Número: 1
Páginas: E18 - E28
Fecha de publicación: 2021
Primary systemic therapy is increasingly used in the treatment of patients with early-stage breast cancer but few guidelines specifically address optimal locoregional therapies. Therefore, we established an international consortium to discuss clinical evidence and to provide expert advice on technical management of patients with early-stage breast cancer. The steering committee prepared six working packages to address all major clinical questions from diagnosis to surgery. During a consensus meeting that included members from European scientific oncology societies, clinical trial groups, and patient advocates, statements were discussed and voted on. A consensus was reached in 42% of statements, a majority in 38%, and no decision in 21%. Based on these findings, the panel developed clinical guidance recommendations and a toolbox to overcome many clinical and technical requirements associated with the diagnosis, response assessment, surgical planning, and surgery of patients with early-stage breast cancer. This guidance could convince clinicians and patients of the major clinical advancements purported by primary systemic therapy, the use of less extensive and more targeted surgery to improve the lives of patients with breast cancer.