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Feasibility of open and percutaneous corrective osteotomies of the second phalanx of the great toe: an approach on a cadaveric model

Título de la revista: THE FOOT
ISSN: 0958-2592
Volumen: 38
Páginas: 39 - 42
Fecha de publicación: 2019
Background: Having had a previous experience of 4 open F2 osteotomies to correct interphalangeal hallux valgus, the aim of this study was to test the efficacy of a percutaneous approach for this correction. Methods: 3 open and 12 percutaneous F2 osteotomies in 15 cadaver feet were performed. Interphalangeal (IPH), F2 asymmetry (AF2) and joint deviation (JD) angles were measured on radiographs. The operated great toes were anatomically analyzed looking for possible lesions to surrounding tissues. Results: Mean IPH decreased from 10.7° to 2.9°, AF2 from 7.8° to 1°, and JD from 1.4° to 0.5°. Damage to the hallux extensor tendon was detected in 1 foot and a nail bed lesion was detected in 1 case, both operated percutaneously. Conclusions: F2 Valgus deformity can be corrected using open or percutaneous osteotomy. The authors consider the open correction worthwhile because percutaneous techniques may damage surrounding tissues and the incision length difference is minor. Level of clinical evidence: 3.